Ideas to add Wrendale to your country style home décor

From time to time we all love to have a home refresh to bring the sparkle back into any room. And with the increasing popularity of country style home decor, you don’t have to live in the countryside to enjoy this calming and cosy aesthetic.

So, whether you’re looking to completely revive a tired space, or would like to introduce some country flare into your home, our gorgeous home furnishings range is the perfect way to add a little Wrendale to any room.

With a gorgeous selection of high-quality wallpapers, fabrics, and statement lampshades to choose from, read on to explore our inspiring ideas to enhance your country style home décor with Wrendale...

  1. Keep it neutral
  2. Refresh your lampshades
  3. Create a Wrendale feature wall
  4. Match your wallpaper and fabric
  5. Go bold in the bathroom
  6. Make your own curtains
  7. Don’t forget your hallway

Woodland grey Wrendale wallpaper, fabric and lampshade

1. Keep it neutral

Warm grey tones are an excellent way to keep your space looking fresh and neutral whilst bringing in a sense of comfort into your interior. Try adding neutral country style home accessories to add a bit of interest, though keep it minimal so you don’t overcrowd the space.

Get the look with our Woodlanders grey wallpaper with matching lampshade and fabric, ideal for creating your own curtains. Finish off by hanging a large or medium piece of artwork to your wall with similar tones to complete the look. Here we used our ‘Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed’ fox canvas which complements the country home decor nicely.


Navy Pheasant Wrendale fabric and lampshade

2. Refresh your lampshades

Rejuvenating a space doesn’t have to mean a full refurbishment with a new wallpaper or painting the walls. Our simple solution for a small home refresh is changing a tired or plain lampshade of your favourite lamp. Choosing a stand-out shade such as our Navy Pheasant fabric lampshade adds a hint of country style and bold colour which you can easily change to fit the mood of the room.

We recommend taking care of your lampshade by using a dry microfibre cloth or lint roller to keep it free from dust and looking fresh throughout the year.


Mulberry deer Wrendale wallpaper and cushion

3. Create a Wrendale feature wall

A well-known classic interior design choice, adding a feature wall to your living space can really transform any room. Create a focal point from our fabulous range of Wrendale wallpapers featuring illustrations by Hannah Dale.

Our favourite? This quintessential Mulberry Deer wallpaper decorated with a stunning roe deer pattern will be sure to make a bold statement. And better yet, all our wallpaper is ‘paste the wall’ making it less messy and easier to apply than traditional methods.


Bee Wrendale wallpaper, fabric and lampshade

4. match your wallpaper and fabric

A small guest room can be elevated in a classic, traditional way with matching fabrics and wallpaper. Ensure the rest of the room stays neutral to allow the print to shine without overpowering the space.

With a simple repeating bee print on a soft duck egg background, our bee wallpaper and fabric isn’t overly fussy, making it the ideal choice to co-ordinate this look.


Busy dog Wrendale wallpaper

5. Go bold in the bathroom

Transform a plain-looking bathroom and fill it with tons of character and personality with a striking choice of wallpaper. Our Busy Dog wallpaper is available on a vivid teal coloured background adorned with 98 (yes, you read that right!) different dog watercolour illustrations, making an immediate impact in your bathroom. Can you spot your favourite dog breed?

Top tip: Ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated to help keep your wallpaper dry and avoid pasting on walls which have direct contact with water.


Woodlanders green Wrendale wallpaper, fabric and lampshade

6. make your own curtains

Why not try your hand at some DIY by making your own pair of curtains from our high-quality Wrendale fabric. For maximum impact, allow your curtains to drape full-length to the floor or create a decorative scalloped edge on sill-length curtains.

If textile making isn’t your thing, order the correct amount of fabric and take it to a local seamstress or friend who’s handy with a sewing machine – easy!


Grey dog Wrendale wallpaper

7. Don’t forget your hallway

Add printed wallpaper to your hallway to create a ‘wow factor’ when guests arrive at your home. If you’re worried about overwhelming a small space, consider wallpapering one side of your hallway or breaking it up with a country style sideboard.


Feeling inspired? Explore our full home furnishings collection including wallpaper, lampshades and fabric made in the UK. Wallpaper and fabric samples are available to order.

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