7 Ways to Style a Womens Lightweight Scarf

A collaboration with personal stylist Aimee from Aimee Kennedi Styling.

We are delighted to share with you our recent collaboration with Aimee Kennedi Styling, demonstrating 7 ways to wear our gorgeous Wrendale scarf collection. With over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry and being the successful owner of Kennedi Boutique, based in our hometown of Brigg, Lincolnshire, we couldn't wait to see how Aimee would create 7 unique looks featuring our beautiful Wrendale scarves. It was a day full of fashion, laughs and Club Tropicana as Aimee styled several outfits modelled by her fabulous client Pauline, and we’re excited to show you the final results!

Need some inspiration for how to wear a womens lightweight scarf? Watch our video above to see how Aimee styled our scarf collection in 7 ways, and learn how to tie your very own Wrendale scarf.


Wrendale fox scarf

1. the belted wrap

Aimee's style tip:

For effortless chic drape your scarf over a blazer or top and secure with a belt. Pleat the scarf into the belt to add definition to your waist, perfect for an hourglass or athletic figure.


Wrendale hedgehog scarf

2. The Twilly Bag Scarf

Aimee's style tip:

Fold your scarf into a long slim line and tie through the handle of your tote bag. This is perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit without adding heat during the Summer months!


Wrendale cow scarf

3. The Twisted Necklace

Aimee's style tip:

Simply twist your scarf continuously and pull through the loop at back of your neck to secure. This is a great way to style up a plain tee and inject colour near the face.


Wrendale fox scarf

4. The Hat Tie

Aimee's style tip:

Making sure your scarf is even in length, wrap round your straw hat, twist at the back to secure and let the ends fall forward creating a scarf effect at the front. Two looks with one scarf!


Wrendale woodland animal scarf

5. The Simple Drape

Aimee's style tip:

Not much needed here, simply let your scarf fall evenly to give the illusion of length. Less really can be more sometimes!


Wrendale cow scarf

6. The Tie Belt

Aimee's style tip:

Making sure your scarf is even in length, pull through your jeans loops and loosely tie for a boho beach vibe. Alternatively a bow gives a fun, cute look to your trousers or jeans.


Wrendale mouse scarf

7. The Bow

 Aimee's style tip:

Flirty and fun! Carefully tie your scarf into a classic bow shape and loosely pull through to exaggerate and really style up a simple dress as featured.


We hope you enjoyed Aimee's tips for how to wear a lightweight Wrendale scarf. Do you have a favourite? 

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