Behind the scenes of the pet collection with Hannah Dale

There's been lots of excitement behind the scenes at Wrendale HQ about our newest product release. It's probably no coincidence that we are pretty much all dog-lovers here and many of our four-legged friends have had a paw in developing this new range, from posing for the artwork or testing out product samples to modelling for the photo shoot.
Peanut, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, modelling new pet accessories by Wrendale Designs
I think the most common requests I receive from our customers are those asking me to paint a particular dog breed, or to add one with a specific colour or patterning. I painted 100 dog illustrations when I published 'A Dog's Life', which covers 50 different breeds and all of the research I did on the character and nature of each different breed.
We've learned over the years how loyal dog lovers are to their own breed of choice and it can be so difficult to cover all bases and sell enough of each individual one to make it viable. Because of these challenges, when we first started thinking about this new collection, we decided to design a pattern that included as many different breeds as possible. The style was also inspired by the way that we created the artwork for our jigsaw puzzles, tessellating the different designs to create a more interesting and dynamic effect. We opted for a navy background to help the designs to stand out and as a practical choice for muddy dog walks.
A close up of some of the new dog accessories by Wrendale Designs
Sustainability is always a top priority for any new product range, and we have opted for recycled fabric for the items in this collection. There was much debate about the size of the bandanas - we have opted for two sizes and these have been tested and given the 'paws up' by Elvis the toy poodle and Jura the Rhodesian ridgeback so we hope that we've managed to cover all bases!  
Elvis & Jura modelling new dog bandanas by Wrendale Designs
My favourite product in the range is the dog walking bag - I love the design and it's a stylish way to carry all the essentials on a long walk. Elvis definitely approves too!
A close up of the dog walking bag by Wrendale Designs
I hope you love the new collection as much as we do - there are lots of plans to add to the range too so keep an eye out for new additions!



Did you know that we offer the same pattern that is used for our dog accessories as wallpaper too? Click here to take a look at our busy dog wallpaper, or here to have a look at our other home furnishings. 

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