Celebrate National Pet Day with Wrendale

It goes without saying that we are all animal lovers here at Wrendale, they improve our lives in a variety of different ways and bring us unconditional love. Therefore, we thought there would be no better way to celebrate National Pet Day than by sharing some of Wrendale's beloved pets with you all. 


Arab X Cob- Aurora

This is Aurora, Ru for short. She is a Arab X Cob and is now 10 months old, she is growing very quickly! She loves a carrot or a nibble of anyone that is in close proximity. Gabi, our social media & marketing associate, is currently trying to teach Aurora new things that will make life a little bit easier as she gets older, like going on walks and having her feet picked out. (Which isn't easy for a foal who is very opinionated!)

When chatting with Gabi about her love for Ru, she said "My world revolves around Aurora and most of the time this is the best thing ever, unless it's before work on a cold and wet winter morning. Ru is great for cuddles, downtime after a busy day and sloppy kisses after she's eaten her dinner.  I hope to have her until we're both old and grey!"


Tabby cat- BobbyThis gorgeous tabby cat named Bobby belongs to Jess who is our lady for all things sales support for USA & Canada. Jess got Bobby during the first lockdown and he is super affectionate as a result. Bobby is very smart and doesn't miss a trick, he also loves burying his head into the Wrendale cat treat tin to find his favourite treats! Speaking with Jess, she said that "Having a pet makes a house feel like a home and gave us something to look forward to during unprecedented times." 

MEET Tiggy, Oshy and Finn...

Alpacas- Tiggy, Oshy and FinnOur senior product and purchasing manager Hattie has three lovely alpacas called Tiggy, Oshy and Finn. They were a welcomed addition to her farm earlier this year to help protect geese and chickens, they have since become well loved pets.

Tiggy is very confident and will come quite close, always willing to take a carrot or an apple. Finn & Oshy are a little shyer, but they always stick together and love rolling around in the grass and hay. Their coats are also super soft and snuggly! Hattie says that "It’s wonderful to open the curtains in the morning and see them in the field."

 Get to know WILLOW

English Springer Spaniel- WillowWillow is an English Springer Spaniel and truly lights up the lives of everyone around her. She can put a smile on your face even on the worst of days. Willow is very affectionate and loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa on an evening with a cup of tea, in the daytime she is absolutely ball mad. 

Speaking with Alysha, our graphic design and marketing associate, she said that "Willow improves my life everyday, she is so good at knowing what I need and boosting my mood. She truly is my best friend".

presenting Bird 

Umbrella Cockatoo- Bird

Bird is an umbrella cockatoo and loves shouting, showers and naps. He is a big character with a big beak and loves to crack open a walnut (he also makes an amazing alarm clock!). Birds actual name is Bertie, but he has always been known as bird. He came to visit Tammy, our warehouse manager, for 2 weeks 25 years ago and has been with her ever since.


Ragdoll and British short hair mixes- Thor and Loki

These fabulous Ragdoll and British short hair mixes belong to Miriam who is our sales support for Europe. Thor and Loki are brothers and both have completely different personalities, exactly as the characters they're named after. But even so, they’re both super snuggly.

When chatting with Miriam about Thor and Loki she said that she "couldn’t imagine life without a cat, they fill my heart with love and joy. Every time I come home, they’re both waiting at the door for me, even if it’s just to meow at me for food. But it’s the little things that make them special, Loki’s little chin and Thor’s big eyes. And in the end, all I need are them being snuggled up on my lap."


Guinea Pigs- Chip and Nugget

Meet this lovely pair of guinea pigs, Chip and Nugget - they might be small but they have such big personalities! Chip is the sweetest little pig and loves cuddles, pea flakes and chin rubs and Nugget is a bit more boisterous - he loves knocking over his food bowls and just generally being an independent pig. Nugget absolutely loves roaming around in the garden and turns into a totally different guinea pig when he can hear the birds tweeting outside. 

Emma, our design & marketing manager said that she "was absolutely elated when Hannah painted my guinea pigs and their portraits take pride of place in the pig room." 


Did you know that you can shop by animal on our website? Simply type your favourite animals into our search bar to see our available products. Watch our video above to see how this function works and choose something special to celebrate your pets.

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