Celebrating Hedgehogs - Facts and Tips to Support Our Spiky Friends

We're diving into the world of hedgehogs! Check out our interesting facts and handy tips on supporting our spiky friends, whether it's creating hedgehog-friendly habitats or replenishing their food supplies - here's what you can do to help them out...

Hedgehogs are Nocturnal Creatures

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Did you know that hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures that are most active during the night? They have a keen sense of smell and hearing that help them to navigate the darkness as they forage for food. 

You can make your garden or outdoor space hedgehog-friendly by leaving wild areas, providing shelter, and avoiding the use of pesticides and chemicals. This encourages hedgehogs to visit and forage safely during their active hours.


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Hedgehogs are Natural Pest Controllers

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Hedgehogs are insectivores which means they feast on a diet of insects, worms, slugs, and snails. By keeping these populations in check, hedgehogs play a valuable role in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. 

Leaving shallow dishes of water and hedgehog-friendly food out (such as wet cat food or specialised hedgehog food) can help to ensure that hedgehogs have access to essential nutrients and hydration, especially during dry spells when food may be scarce.


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Hedgehogs Hibernate

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During the colder months, hedgehogs go into hibernation in order to conserve energy. Providing safe hibernation sites is crucial for their survival through the winter.

Building hedgehog houses or shelters using natural materials like wood and leaves can help to provide a safe place for hedgehogs to hibernate, protecting them from harsh weather conditions and predators.


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Hedgehogs can live in a variety of habitats

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Hedgehogs are remarkably adaptable and can be found in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, parks and gardens as well as urban areas. However, urbanisation and habitat loss pose significant threats to their survival.

Install 'Hedgehog Highways' by cutting small holes in fences or walls to allow hedgehogs to move freely between gardens. This helps to connect fragmented habitats, ensuring urban hedgehog populations can remain healthy and resilient.


Awakening hedgehog cushion'Awakening' hedgehog cushion


There are 17 unique species of hedgehog

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Did you know that there are 17 different species of hedgehog in the world? These species vary not only in their physical appearance but also in their habitats, behaviours, and ecological roles. Some species, like the long-eared hedgehog, boast distinctive features such as elongated ears that aid in detecting sounds and movements in their environment. 

Hedgehog populations have been steadily declining in recent years due to habitat loss, fragmentation, road accidents, and other human-induced factors. Conservation efforts are urgently needed to protect these creatures. You can do your bit by following some of the tips given throughout this blog. 

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