5 great uses for our tinware collection

As well as looking fantastic in your home, with Hannah's beautiful illustrations taking centre stage, there are practical reasons why you need some Wrendale tinware in your life too... pop the kettle on, get yourself comfy and take a read. Here are 5 great uses for our tinware collection...


Store your baked goods in a Wrendale Designs rectangular tin

There are so many uses for tins, especially our country kitchen cake tin nests - perfect for storing baked treats, cakes and more. Illustrated on every surface, the cake tins are the perfect place to keep your precious baking fresh and if you take one of these to a tea party, we're sure your friends and family are going to have their eye on them too.

Not sure you need something as large as our cake tin nest? Our two rectangular tins are also a great solution and are the ideal size for a loaf cake, flapjacks or brownies. Alternatively, they also make a great gift for a crafter, if you're into cross stitching, knitting, sewing, felting, scrapbooking, or card making to help keep tools organised and close to hand.

2. keep small odds and ends safe

Wrendale Designs Spaniel Miniature Tin

Our miniature tins are a perfect little gift for someone, and you can choose their favourite animal to make your gift more personal to them. They come in handy for all sorts of small items such as pennies, dog or cat treats and those smaller bits of stationery like paper clips - but we find them most useful for storing pills and medication. Don't worry, they come with a secure lid so you won't lose whatever you decide to store. 


Store your bird feed in a Wrendale Designs feed the bird tin

Our fabulous bird feed tin illustrated with a variety of British garden birds, comes with a handy scoop and is large inside to fit in lots of bird seeds. Whether you keep this in your potting shed, conservatory, utility or garage, it's practical as well as stylish and keeps the birds happy.

Did you know that there are benefits to feeding birds in your garden all year round? If you have a bird feeder in your garden, birds can spend less time foraging for food in the summer months when it becomes too hot. In winter when sources of food are sparse your bird feeders will offer a safe place to feed and gain energy. 


Wrendale Designs cracker tin

Our beautiful cracker tins are sure to compliment any kitchen and even better - they feature a variety of our most-loved animal designs. They provide a stylish way to keep crackers and other foods fresh for longer periods of time. 


Wrendale Designs Head Clover Heels Flower Jug

Next time you're selecting some flowers to surprise a loved one, why not gift them with a beautiful flower jug? This will create a gorgeous gift package that they can enjoy while the flowers are in them and for years to come too!

We would recommend pairing our 'Head Clover Heels' flower jug with roses, gypsophila and delphiniums. 


Wrendale Designs Tinware Collection

Like what you have seen so far? Our tinware collection is the very best way to add a touch of the countryside to any home. You can take a closer look at everything in our tinware collection by clicking here.


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