Giraffe gifts at the height of this summer

From glamorous plush characters and beautiful artwork to trendy accessories and stylish home decor, we're here to tell you all about our giraffe inspired products and how they can brighten up your summer. 

'Flowers' giraffe Watch

'Flowers' Giraffe watch by Wrendale Designs

Keep time in style with our 'Flowers' Giraffe Watch. Featuring a delightful giraffe, this timepiece will be sure to add a playful and colourful touch to your summer outfits. 

'Flowers' Giraffe Mini Gift Tin

'Flowers' giraffe mini gift tin


Looking for a small yet charming gift for a giraffe enthusiast? This 'Flowers' mini tin features a range of different giraffe illustrations across each side making it the perfect choice. It is the ideal place for storing trinkets, pills or anything small that you want to store safely. 


'Camilla' Giraffe Character
£30 - £38

'Camilla' Giraffe plush character by Wrendale Designs

Meet Camilla, the very glamorous and lovable giraffe character from our gorgeous plush collection. With her long legs and elegant eyelashes, she is sure to become a cuddly friend for little ones or placed proudly on display to help brighten up your living space.

'Flowers' Giraffe Socks

'Flowers' giraffe socks by Wrendale Designs

Step into summer with a pair of our wonderful giraffe socks. These soft and comfortable socks feature a vibrant giraffe design with delicate flowers. Whether you're lounging at home or venturing out, these socks will keep your feet cozy while showcasing your love for giraffes in a fun and fashionable way.


'Lofty' Giraffe Pen

'Lofty' giraffe pen by Wrendale Designs

Whether you're writing about your summer adventures or jotting down ideas, our unique giraffe inspired pen will bring joy to everyday tasks. 

'Flowers' Giraffe Water Bottle
£20- £25

'Flowers' giraffe water bottle by Wrendale Designs

Featuring a charming giraffe, this reusable water bottle combines style and sustainability. You can take it with you on hikes, picnics, or beach trips to help you to stay hydrated and refreshed during the hot summer days.


'Flowers' Giraffe Umbrella

'Flowers' giraffe umbrella by Wrendale Designs

Make rainy summer days feel brighter with our beautifully illustrated giraffe umbrella. The perfect accessory for keeping dry whilst looking stylish.


'Born to Stand Out' Giraffe Wooden Plaque

'Born to stand out' Giraffe wooden plaque by Wrendale Designs

Embrace your individuality and celebrate your uniqueness with our 'Born to Stand Out' wooden plaque. Featuring a delightful giraffe on a gorgeous green background, this wooden plaque would make a great gift for someone special or look fabulous on display in your home.


'I Love You' Giraffe Large Mug

'I love you' giraffe large mug by Wrendale Designs

Start your mornings with warmth and love using our 'I Love You' giraffe mug, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or indulging in a hot chocolate. 


'FLOWERS' GIRAFFE Foldable Shopper Bag

'Flowers' giraffe foldable shopper bag by Wrendale Designs

Stay eco-friendly and stylish on your summer shopping trips with our reusable and lightweight giraffe inspired foldable shopping bag. Conveniently foldable, it really is ideal to have in your bag when you're in need of some extra space.

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