How to pamper your pooch with Wrendale

Calling all dog lovers! Get ready to pamper your pooch in style with our brand new range of dog accessories featuring unique artwork and attention to detail. From dog bandanas to treat tins, dog walking bags, treat bags, and poop bag holders, there's something for every dog and dog lover in this delightful collection. Let's have a closer look at the perfect products to spoil your four-legged companions...

Dog Treat Tin

Springer spaniel, Willow, using the new dog treat tin from Wrendale Designs

Say goodbye to messy treat bags and boxes and hello to our stylish dog treat tin. These tins not only keep your pet's treats fresh but also serve as a decorative addition to your kitchen or countertop. Featuring delightful artwork of a range of different dogs, these tins are both practical and visually appealing. Now you can effortlessly spoil your pup with delicious treats while maintaining an organised and elegant storage solution.


Dog Bandana

A range of different dog breeds wearing the dog bandana by Wrendale Designs

Our new dog bandanas are the perfect blend of fashion and function, not only will your dog look stylish, but the bandana also adds an extra layer of comfort during outdoor adventures. Each bandana features an all over pattern showcasing a variety of different dog breeds on a lovely navy background. They can be easily attached to a collar with a slide on design and are available in XS/S and M/L to accommodate all dog breeds. 


Dog Treat Bag

Dog treat bag by Wrendale Designs

Reward your pup's good behaviour with our dog treat bag. Compact and easy to carry, this bag ensures that treats are always within reach during any training sessions, walks or outings. The treat bag features the same pattern as the dog bandana, matching perfectly and capturing the delightful spirit of dogs. With a clip on the side that can be attached to a bag or belt and a wipeable inner lining, this treat bag is as practical as it is charming. 


Dog Walking Bag

Ben and Jefferey using the dog walking bag by Wrendale Designs at the beach

Make every walk an enjoyable experience with a dog walking bag. This spacious and well-designed bag allows you to carry all your essentials, such as water, toys and even your own personal belongings. Crafted with both style and functionality in mind, our dog walking bag features the same beautiful artwork as our dog treat bag, ensuring that they coordinate well.


Dog Poop Bag Holder

Meg using the dog poop bag holder by Wrendale Designs

Keeping things clean and tidy during walks is essential, and our dog poop bag holder adds a touch of style to this necessary task. This convenient and compact accessory keeps your poop bags easily accessible while featuring a variety of different dog breeds, matching with the rest of the collection. Attach it to your dog's lead or bag, and be prepared for any "pawsome" adventure.



Designed with functionality and style in mind, see how the whole Wrendale dog accessories range can be used together to make dog walking a little more fun!


Have you seen our new collection of pet treat tins? 

The pet collection by Wrendale Designs

Not just for pups, as well as beautifully illustrated pet accessories the collection also includes tins suitable for dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster and rabbit owners. Click here to explore the full collection.  


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