Meet the Wrendale family - Amy, Quality Manager

Next up in our 'Meet the Wrendale family' series we have Amy, our fabulous Quality Manager! We talked to Amy about what her job role involves, why she loves working at Wrendale and found out about some of her most-loved products...

What is it that you like most about being part of Wrendale Designs?

Amy pictured with the team for International Womens Day

The culture at Wrendale is like no other place I have worked previously. Everyone is very supportive, and we all look out for one another. My role means I get to see products from concept through to production and it’s amazing watching everyone work together to make this happen and produce such beautiful products.  

Tell us a little bit about your job role and what your day to day looks like

Amy out for a 'Wrendale walk' with the team

I'm responsible for managing all aspects related to quality at Wrendale. This includes making sure our supplier chain is ethical, our products are safe and are the quality that our customers expect, and that we meet regulatory requirements in the countries that we sell into worldwide. It's a demanding role, but each day presents new and exciting challenges, which is something I thrive on.

What is your favourite Wrendale product?

Mini Tins by Wrendale Designs

Without a doubt, the mini tins! I have a collection of over 20 now. My main hobbies are crochet and knitting, and they are so handy to keep stitch markers and sewing needles in. The illustrations are beautiful, and they are small enough to keep in my project bag. I also love the A6 notebooks to scribble project notes in.

Meet the team- template-10

Toby wearing a small pet bandana

I couldn’t resist buying a small pet bandana for my parent’s cheeky Yorkshire Terrier, Toby. He wears it with pride on his walks and he gets lots of attention in it which he loves. My next purchase has to be the matching dog walking bag to carry around his toys in too.

Meet the team- template-06

Cat gifts from Wrendale Designs

I think I’d be a cat. Who wouldn't want to lounge around all day, soaking up the sunbeams and taking power naps like a boss? Cats are the epitome of cool, with their effortless grace and ninja-like agility of which I am currently lacking somewhat.


Cross stitch kits

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