Meet the Wrendale family - Caroline, Credit Controller

Next up in our 'Meet the Wrendale family' series we have Caroline, our very brilliant credit controller! We talked to Caroline about what her job role involves, why she loves working at Wrendale and found out about her hobbies...

What is it that you like most about being part of Wrendale Designs?

Caroline and the team

From day one three years ago when I first stepped into the Wrendale office I was made to feel welcome - everyone is so friendly and supportive.


Tell us a little bit about your job role and what your day to day looks like

The Bookworm

As a credit controller it is my responsibility to ensure that credit issued by the company is paid in full and on time so our cashflow is not impacted. My daily task revolves around posting of payments received from our customers, and helping resolve any problems in relation to delays in invoice payments with the help from my colleagues in customer service and sales. A demanding role but one I enjoy and I like that I can build relationships with our customers and do all I can to help them.


Beyond the office, what do you enjoy doing?'The witches cat' cross stitch kit by Wrendale Designs

Outside of work I enjoy doing crafts. I have many projects that are a 'work in progress' and say many times I must finish this one before starting something new, and it never happens! The very first craft I started with as a child was cross stitch and I have had the pleasure of doing 'The Witches Cat' to help the marketing team out with their Halloween content. I also have a “holiday” project in my WIP which is 'Sunshine', you've got to love ducks and sunflowers!

Another one of my crafts is Bobbin Lace, I was introduced to it by my Aunty and 16 years ago I took the City & Guilds qualification. The last project I did was a garter for my friend Sam.  

Bobbin Lace

I have recently started a couple of new needle-felting projects that are inspired by wildlife, including one with a barn owl and another with a giraffe. I also enjoy flower club each month and make anything from a modern arrangement to a hand-tie and we always end the year with a Christmas door wreath.


If you could be any animal, what would you be?Turtle

The beautiful Caretta-Caretta turtle. They are a species that live in warm clear blue waters in Greece. Unfortunately they are a species that are vulnerable and are therefore at risk of becoming extinct. 'Archelon' is a sea turtle protection society in Greece that are working hard to ensure that the Caretta-Caretta turtle is kept safe. 

What are your current Wrendale obsessions?Giraffe plush keying

I possibly have a few too many to mention! The plush toy characters, especially Camilla! I was kindly gifted the keyring for my birthday. I'm also obsessed with anything that is in our stationery range - I just love the notebooks and desk calendars. I have quite a few tote bags too, they are excellent for keeping and transporting your crafting projects.


What is the last Wrendale gift that you gave?Desk Calendar by Wrendale Designs

Calendars for my family and friends. It's become a bit of a tradition to buy desk calendars for my friends that work in an office, so it's a real treat that they now get to receive a Wrendale one at Christmas. 

Do you like crafting?


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