Meet the Wrendale family - Gabi, Social Media & Marketing Associate

Next up in our 'Meet the Wrendale family' series we have Gabi, our fabulous social media and marketing associate! We talked to Gabi about what her job role involves, why she loves working at Wrendale and asked her advice for anybody wanting to get in to the industry...

What is it that you like most about being part of Wrendale Designs?

Gabi and Meg working behind the scenes on a photoshoot

I love working at Wrendale! From the variety of my role to the people in the office, from day one it’s been a lovely place to work and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


Tell us a little bit about your job role and what your day to day looks like

Check out my day in the life

So, my day to day is hardly ever the same, which I love. I normally start the morning with checking our social media feeds, replying to comments, and seeing what we’ve been tagged in. Depending on the days plan, I might be out of the office on a photoshoot, editing video and photo content, or at the farm for Wild Wrendale. I love being outside, and working in this role really gets me out and about. I always tend to have a camera or phone in my hand. 


what is your favourite artwork that Hannah has painted

Favourite artwork

Last year I was lucky enough that Hannah painted two of my lovely cats, Moose and Honey. Moose is also going to be on a new card that is coming out soon, you can see a little sneak peek above! It’s called ‘Lazy Sunday,’ I think he was a cheetah in a former life because he gets in the funniest positions when he’s sleeping. Everyone loves Moose - Hannah captured him snoozing perfectly! I’m hoping that my horse Aurora might be next for Hannah to paint… fingers crossed!


Do you have any pets

Camilla and Peach photographed together

This is a question that might make me sound a bit crazy, but I have 9 cats, most of which are rescues or ex feral farm cats. We have five horses, two of which are Icelandics and one is my girl Aurora who will be two in the summer. We also have the sweetest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Peanut (you might have seen him in the pet range photos), the best thing about being in control of our social media is that I can pop a cat, dog, or horse in the photos as much as possible! We welcomed my kitten Peach to our home over Christmas and she was on our socials with Camilla the giraffe recently, you all loved her!

advice for othersjpg


I think my best advice, would be to not give up. Keep posting, keep your own feed active and looking good, but also get experience where you can, even if the social media pages are small ones. I came to Wrendale with a film degree and not sure which direction I wanted my career to go in, I started here in the customer service team and slowly worked my way into my dream career with perseverance and showing my skills where I could.


Do you have your eye on anything from Wrendale at the moment?

Watering can by Wrendale Designs

Always! I love the plush, we’ve got nearly all of them at home. There is a new one coming in the summer that I can’t wait for, (keep an eye on socials for teasers soon) and loved taking photos of her recently. For now, I’m looking at getting one of the new watering cans to help with watering some of the many plants I have at home!


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