Meet the Wrendale family - Katie, product development administrator

Next up in our 'Meet the Wrendale family' series we have Katie, our brilliant product development administrator! We talked to Katie about why she loves working at Wrendale, found out about her day to day, met her pets and found out the products she has most recently gifted...

What is it that you like most about being part of Wrendale Designs?

A photograph of the Wrendale family

Wrendale really is an amazing place to work. There is a true sense of family and everyone who works here plays a part in that. The whole team are always on hand to help you progress and improve. I love being able to help with new product suggestions and seeing a product develop from start to finish - the whole creation process is quite satisfying! I also love that there is always something extra in the calendar, from walks to quizzes and bowling. 


Tell us a little bit about your job role and what your day to day looks like

Checking product samples at Wrendale Designs

I recently moved from our customer service department into a new role as an administrator within the product development team. My days vary a lot depending on the time of year and how far into a product launch we are. My job role involves working with the team to help create new products, checking over samples to ensure they meet a high standard of quality and contacting suppliers with any feedback or amends.

Do you have any pets?

The pet collection by Wrendale Designs

Yes I do! I have a guinea pig called Elmo who is usually fairly quiet until he knows its food time and a cocker spaniel called Max, he is 8 years old and isn't so quiet... he is still as lively as a puppy. He likes long walks in the fields, chasing his ball, cuddles on the sofa, and he absolutely loves his new dog bandana.

What is your favourite Wrendale product?

Camilla the giraffe by Wrendale Designs

This is such a difficult question to answer as I love everything Wrendale. If I had to choose, I really do love the plush toy collection, especially Camilla the giraffe. I love how each character has their own story and I'm so excited to watch this range continue to grow.

What is the last Wrendale gift that you gave?

2024 diaries by Wrendale Designs

My mum loves a Wrendale diary and writes in it every day, so when I found out that the new 2024 dated collection was in stock I just couldn't wait to gift her a new desk diary. The dated collection is one of our favourite as a family as each product features a variety of Hannah's artwork that we all love.

Have you seen the 2024 dated collection?

The Wrendale Designs 2024 dated collection

Our 2024 dated collection has just landed! Click here to explore the collection of diaries and calendars. 

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