Meet the Wrendale family - Matthew, office administrator

Continuing our 'Meet the Wrendale family' series, here is Matthew - our wonderful office administrator! We recently chatted with Matthew about all things Wrendale, from his favourite things about the job to his most-loved products and much more...Artboard 2-100-2What is it that you like most about being part of Wrendale Designs?

Matthew, office administrator at Wrendale Designs

It is good to be part of the team and everyone here is a pleasure to work with. As part of my role, I do a lot of work across different departments, and no matter where I am there is always a good and positive atmosphere here. My favourite departments to work in are product and procurement, along with marketing. More recently I really enjoyed assisting our photographer Joe on a photo shoot we did of some Christmas cards.

There are lots of social events here at Wrendale which are excellent, they always provide an opportunity to have fun and get to know your work mates better. Tell us about your role here at Wrendale?

Matthew office administrator at Wrendale Designs

I joined the Wrendale family back in November 2022 and each week I find that I am learning a lot. My job is quite varied, some weeks I can be doing a lot of data inputting, and the next I might be pulling research together and helping out on a photoshoot or organising product samples. My confidence is definitely increasing by using different systems and software here at Wrendale. I enjoy being able to complete a task from start to finish.

What is your favourite Wrendale product?

Occasion card by Wrendale Designs to celebrate a birthday

There are so many amazing and interesting products that Wrendale have created so far, but I do like buying birthday cards. I also really love the sample sales that are held throughout the year and how the money that is raised goes to charity. 

What is the last Wrendale gift that you gave?

Wrendale Designs Tea for two set

I started buying Wrendale birthday cards for my friends and family not long after I started. I have also gifted my mum a shopping pad which she finds super handy for making lists.

I have more recently bought a mug each for my mum and dad to enjoy a coffee or tea from. 

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

The country kitchen by Wrendale Designs

This question reminds me of a Laurel and Hardy episode. I don't know the answer to this one, but I do like animals and my favourite pets are dogs and cats. I also love horses and enjoy stroking their faces. 

I really like it at Goathland when you can see the sheep walking in the streets and along the roads, it adds a lot of character to that area. It is always good to hear the birds singing. I especially like the sounds of seagulls calling as it reminds me of the seaside. 

Got a birthday coming up?

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