Meet the Wrendale family - Vicky, senior product & graphic designer

We want you to meet the Wrendale family, starting with our lovely senior product & graphic designer, Vicky! We sat down with Vicky and found out all about her view on life at Wrendale, from her job role to her favourite products and more.

What is it you like most about being a part of Wrendale Designs?

Artist Hannah Dale painting at the table

After 8 years, I still get really excited when Hannah brings in a new painting she has been working on. I love how she captures the characters in her illustrations, and the expressions.

Thinking about what products we can launch with the new designs has to be the most enjoyable part of my job. For someone to have a piece of Wrendale in their home, or to give a Wrendale gift that someone else will enjoy, is really special. 

How would you describe your role at Wrendale?

Graphic designer Vicky working on Wrendale puzzles

Busy! In a good way, there is such a wide collection of products that we design and create, no two days are the same. One day I can be laying up artwork and thinking of captions for occasion cards, and the next I am creating repeat patterns for fabrics and wallpapers. I'm really lucky that there is so much variety within my role, it certainly keeps me on my toes. 

What is your favourite product?

This is a tough choice, but I am going to say the bird house. Last spring I was so excited when a brood of blue tits fledged from my Wrendale bird house. 

A lot of research went into the nest boxes to make sure they were suitable for the garden birds, from the size of the hole, to the paint being non toxic and wildlife friendly. I have recently fitted a nest box camera in my nest box, and I have a little blue tit who roosts in there every night without fail. I'm really excited to see them lay their eggs and the chicks hatch this spring. 

Wrendale bird house

What was the last gift you gave?

My auntie Nicola has always loved Wrendale and I just had to get her our limited edition, 10th anniversary plush - Rosemary the Wren to add to her collection.

Wrendale Designs celebrates 10 years with a limited edition plush character- Rosemary the Wren

Artboard 2 copy 4-100

A fox of course! I have always loved foxes, since I was a child and my Dad used to read Enid Blyton's 'Brer Rabbit' books to me. His nickname for me was 'Brer Fox'. I think they are such majestic animals with a curious and playful nature - and I love how Hannah captures their personalities in her artwork. I have 'The Afternoon Nap' limited edition print displayed proudly in my home. 

Limited edition print from Wrendale Designs

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Vicky’s favourite product to develop was our beautiful new kitchen textiles collection. You can explore the range here.

Wrendale Designs kitchen textiles




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