Meet the Wrendale plush toy characters - Adele, Jack and Beryl

Meet the new Wrendale plush toy characters: Adele the Robin, Jack the Donkey, and Beryl the Sheep. Each character brings a unique personality and a dash of charm, from Adele's glittering glamour to Jack's gentle curiosity and Beryl's boundless energy - let's dive into their enchanting stories and get to know these lovable plush toy companions...  

Adele the Robin


Adele the Robin is not your average bird. She's a feathered fashionista who believes in the magic of glitz and glamour. Always dressed to the nines, Adele knows that one can never be overdressed, and she brings her signature style to every occasion. She's the life of the party, always the first to hit the dance floor, and loves to shake her feathers to none other than Abba's timeless hit, "Dancing Queen." With a love for elegance and a touch of sparkle, Adele adds a dash of excitement to every gathering.

But there's more to Adele than just her glamorous exterior. She's also a green-thumbed gardener, with a knack for nurturing plants and winning awards for her oversized marrows. Her love for the outdoors extends to foraging for wild mushrooms and she once fell in a pond trying to retrieve a shaggy ink cap. To save her embarrassment she told her friends she had taken up wild swimming.

'Jolly Robin' by Wrendale Designs

Adele was inspired by 'Jolly Robin' which was originally painted by Hannah back in 2012. You can shop the design here.


Jack the Donkey 

'Jack the donkey' by Wrendale Designs

Jack the donkey is a gentle soul whose kind and caring nature makes him popular with all who know him. He has a keen interest in geology and loves to look for interesting rock formations in his spare time. Jack enjoys wild camping and can think of nothing better than sleeping under the stars, telling ghost stories and toasting marshmallows over a camp fire. Always looking for a new challenge, Jack has dabbled in metal detecting and once found a paperclip shaped like a dinosaur.

'Gentle Jack' by Wrendale Designs

'Gentle Jack', originally painted by Hannah in 2014, was the inspiration for Jack. Click here to explore the design.


Beryl the Sheep

'Beryl Sheep' by Wrendale Designs

Beryl the sheep loves to be outdoors and has recently taken up Nordic walking which keeps her busy most weekends. Known as a bit of a thrill-seeker, she loves white-water rafting and has always wanted to try her hoof at parkour. Highly sociable, Beryl was the founding member of her local 'knit and natter' group which once led a successful campaign to make socks for cold penguins - a testament to her warm heart and creative spirit. Beryl loves to bake and often raises eyebrows with her unusual flavour combinations.

'Woolly Jumper' by Wrendale Designs

Beryl was inspired by 'Woolly Jumper,' an artwork created by Hannah in 2018. Click here to shop the design.

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The plush toy collection by Wrendale Designs

Inspired by the original illustrations from Hannah Dale, our gorgeous plush toy characters are sure to be loved by any collector of Wrendale. Click here to take a look at the full collection. 

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