5 reasons to use a Christmas planner during the festive season

We absolutely love the festive season – a wonderful period of dark cosy nights, colourful lights, Christmas markets, cheesy films, and a chance to make extra special memories with friends and family. Yet with all this festivity comes a great deal of planning, so it’s a good idea to start early and prepare for all the excitement that lies ahead.

Investing in a Christmas planner will ensure you keep organised in the lead up to the big day. With space for lists, meal plans, and an up-to-date calendar all in one place, a planner can make such a difference and help you stay stress-free throughout the season.

We love all things stationery at Wrendale, especially when it makes our lives that little bit easier at Christmastime. So, here’s our top reasons why we think you should use a Christmas planner to help you organise those key dates, events, cards, and gifts year after year.

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1. Keep your Christmas card list in one place

Christmas is the perfect time to put pen to paper and send your best wishes and gratitude to loved ones. Writing down your Christmas card list in a planner will ensure you keep all your contacts in one place and act as a little reminder of who you sent cards to, and received cards from, in the previous year. 

Make sure you send your cards to the right place by keeping an up-to-date log of all your contacts current addresses in your Christmas planner. 


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2. Space to create thoughtful gift ideas

Present planning is one of the biggest tasks we face during the Holiday season – who to buy for, deciding a budget, choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

With so much to think about, a Christmas planner can help you gather your thoughts and ensure you keep track of those special ideas, purchases, and wrapped presents ready for Christmas day.

Top tip: Wrap as you buy.

Having a lot of presents to wrap at the same time can fill us with dread. It's much less overwhelming to wrap one or two presents at a time and store them somewhere safe until you need them, leaving more valuable time to relax.


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3. prepare your Christmas feasts

Whether you're hosting Christmas day with family this year or entertaining friends with food, gathering together with the people closest to you is one of our favourite things about the festive season. Not to mention all the delicious, comforting food you'll be tucking in to. 

Planning in advance is the key to dinner party success, and noting down your recipes, drinks, and all important shopping lists in a Christmas planner will make hosting a much smoother experience.

4. note down important dates

From Christmas markets and work parties, to present shopping and Santa's grotto, you won't want to miss out on those key dates throughout the season. 

Keeping your dates in a Christmas planner will mean you can look forward to future events, and also look back on them the following year with treasured memories in mind.

5. set yourself a budget

Sticking to a budget can be difficult at Christmas when all we want to do is indulge in the festivities. Jotting down your spending in a Christmas planner is a useful way to track details of purchases and how much they cost, so you can work out what you can afford each year.



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Our Wrendale Christmas planner has everything you need to get into the true spirit of Christmas and stay organised in style. Packed full of joyful animal illustrations by Hannah Dale, our planner includes space for Christmas card lists, gift planning, recipes, budgets, notes, and more.

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