Seed Cards - The New Eco-friendly way of gifting

Finding the perfect greeting card to complement that special gift or wish someone love on a special occasion can be tricky to get just right. Some of us like to tailor our card to the recipient by choosing a design that matches their personality or you may opt for something that feels that bit more luxurious and has a touch of flair and foiling. Our Wrendale greeting card collection is ever-growing, with an animal design to suit almost anyone - what we love, is that everyone has their favourite!

Take a look at why we think our eco-friendly seed cards are the perfect choice, offering something a little ‘extra’ for your next gifting purchase.

A variety of animal designs...

A fox among daisies, a labrador among poppies and a beautiful little red robin perched on a shovel, are just a few of the beautifully illustrated designs in this card collection. The range itself features 12 different designs each featuring floral elements that add a pop of colour. 

Wrendale seed cards

A gift and card all in one...

We love that our seed cards give that little bit extra if you want to wow your recipient with something they can enjoy. As well as receiving a lovely gift to grow, they can also treasure the card for years to come. You can create a gorgeous gift package by pairing one of our seed cards with a little something from our gardening range.  


Designed with sustainability in mind...

Including wildflower seeds grown in the heart of Lincolnshire countryside, each seed card contains a 2g mixture of corn cockle, cornflower, corn marigold, corn chamomile and poppy - perfect for attracting wildlife into your garden and helping out the environment.

A Wrendale Designs seed card showing the pocket of seeds

We did a lot of research when developing our range of seed cards and lots of testing too! We found that the majority of seed papers don't actually germinate, this is because very few seeds can survive the drying process involved when making paper. We wanted to bring you a product that we knew would work! That's why our seed cards are a little different from the rest. Each card comes complete with a pocket of seeds built in, allowing you to enjoy the card artwork as well as watch them grow. 



Take a look at how our paper pot press works - the perfect eco-friendly gift for a budding gardener. Click here to view the Wrendale garden collection. 

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