The Pawsitively Perfect Gift Guide - From One Spaniel Lover To Another

If you share our love for Spaniels, you're in for a treat! This gift guide is your go-to for all things Spaniel, whether you're a devoted owner or on the hunt for the perfect present for another Spaniel enthusiast. We spoke to the team about what their top product picks would be, straight from one Spaniel lover to another...

'Blooming with Love' Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers by Wrendale Designs

"The ‘Blooming with Love’ design in the Paint by Numbers range made the perfect birthday gift for my mum last year as she loves trying new crafts. The kit comes with everything you need and is such good quality. We have a Spaniel ourselves and love everything relating to them. The cheeky expression on the dog's face reminds me of our dog Max, as he also pulls flowers out of the garden from time to time!"- Katie, Product Development Administrator


'Willow' Spaniel Men's Socks

'Willow' Spaniel socks by Wrendale Designs

"Anybody that knows me will know the true love of my life is my mad as a box of frogs Springer Spaniel, Willow. She came into our lives 10 years ago and stole our hearts! I am incredibly lucky to be able to say that Hannah has painted a design featuring Willow called 'Paws for a Picnic' which you can see across a variety of different Wrendale products. But I have to say that my go-to gift for any of my friends or family these days are the 'Willow' socks, they always manage to bring joy (and they're her claim to fame!)." - Alysha, Graphic Design & Marketing Associate


'A Dog's Life' Scarf

'A dog's life' scarf by Wrendale Designs

"As a Spaniel owner, we spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors, at the country park, a visit to the seaside or the local woodlands. As the weather gets better, we are hoping for more play time on the beach, but it does get a little windy so need to make sure we are wrapped up, so my favourite gift would be the Wrendale dog scarf, it's perfect to keep the sea breeze at bay! and not too warm if this sun is shining." - Lisa, Head of Sales


'Chasing Feathers' GREETING Card

'Chasing feathers' Spaniel Card

"Our family dog Peanut is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has a striking resemblance to the artwork 'Chasing Feathers' so of course for my Mums birthday I have to get her the card. I always pair my present with a Wrendale Card, with the blank ones it leaves me room to put whatever message I want inside and do some cute scribbles all over the card to make it even more personal." - Gabi, Social Media & Marketing Associate 



Pet Accessories by Wrendale Designs

"I’ve had a Spaniel for nearly 12 years, an active and adventurous Cocker Spaniel who takes his role very seriously and loves to retrieve toys and bring gifts, especially anything he finds in water (sticks) or on the waterbed (rocks). Arthur absolutely adores long walks and is an excellent swimmer and can often get a little too absorbed in what he is doing so needs a little reward treat to encourage recall, I have often been heard shouting “chicken” across a beach to get him to come back. A must have for me is the dog walking bag and treat bag; the dog walking bag sits perfectly across the body so you can remain hands free to throw a ball, plus is the perfect size to hold your keys, a ball and all the little things you take on a walk.

Pet Accessories by Wrendale Designs

The treat bag which houses a good stash of treats (and Spaniels love a treat!), clips easily onto the dog walking bag too. For me these are perfect gifts for anyone with a furry family member. I have gifted both of these products to my sister-in-law who is never without these on her early morning Spaniel walks, and the Spaniels are particularly keen on the treat bag, well the contents!" - Clare, Procurement Manager


'Paws for a Picnic' Cross Stitch Kit

'Paws for a picnic' cross stitch kit

"I’ve recently bought myself the ‘Paws for a picnic’ cross stitch as I absolutely love the design as the Spaniel looks just like my 4-year old Springer, Miley. My sister has also just recently brought home a golden Labrador called Maggie which makes it even more perfect! I plan to replace the dreaded ‘doom scrolling’ by completing this adorable cross stitch as I’ve been reading about how therapeutic cross stitching is." - Meg, Executive Assistant


'Bounces of Fun' Spaniel Canvas

'Bounces of fun' Spaniel Canvas

"This is Steve, my first baby. He is a Working Cocker Spaniel. He's 13 now but still as energetic as ever. When I had my little boy, I just knew I had to get him the 'Bounces of Fun' canvas for his nursery, and start the love affair of Spaniels as early as possible." - Katrina, Sales Support


'Paws for a Picnic' Notebook

'Paws for a picnic' Spaniel & Labrador Notebook

"This is Coco, my sister Vicky's Working Cocker Spaniel. We all love going for walks on the North Yorkshire Moors, we have lots of lovely memories from our childhood of walking there with our parents Spaniels. I have recently gifted my sister a 'Paws for a Picnic' notebook to help her reminisce about our countryside walks." - Charlotte, Senior Product and Graphic Design Associate


'A Dog's Life' Jigsaw Puzzle

'A Dog's Life' jigsaw puzzle

"I love the 'A Dog's Life' jigsaw puzzle! I've bought it for so many friends and family because it has lots of types of Spaniel on and we know a lot of Spaniel-people! It's also got a couple of collies on which look like my Collie X Springer. I really love this product because each dog is different and it made me smile each time I completed another section and revealed a different design, after gifting it I always receive a text saying 'I found my dog!' when they get to the bit which looks like theirs, I know how far they've got through the puzzle when they get to my dogs! - Jess, Process Improvement Manager


'Growing Old Together' Mini Gift Tin

Growing old together - Mini gift tin

"I love to use the 'Growing Old Together' mini tin out on walks with my Cocker Spaniel Bruno to carry some yummy treats safely in my pocket. I scatter them in the long grass as an enrichment game and he absolutely loves sniffing them out." - Hannah, Customer Service Advisor

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