Thinking of You Week with Wrendale Designs

Thinking of You Week is a special week organised by the Greeting Card Association with an aim to create a wave of love and happiness across the globe. The campaign encourages people to send handwritten greeting cards to their loved ones every year, promoting this as the best way to show how much we care about one another.

In an age of technology, sometimes receiving a message through text, email, or social media can feel less personal and thoughtful for many. On the other hand, sending a card makes the person receiving it feel cared for, special, and is proven to generate positive feelings.

So, why not take part in Thinking of You Week by spending time to hand-write a thoughtful message to a loved one and send a card to deliver a smile.

wrendale supporting Thinking of You Week

Here at Wrendale we are proud supporters of Thinking of You Week and love to get involved. In 2021, we encouraged the team to send their own handwritten cards to their loved ones during the week by offering them Wrendale cards of their choice. Here’s how a few team members chose to use theirs…


Wrendale dog thank you card

Alysha’s card

“For Thinking of You Week I decided to send the card ‘Thanks a Bunch’, a new card from our party animal collection. I sent this to my childhood friend Megan who now lives in London.

Despite us both living in different areas of the country, she continues to support me in everything I do (even sending me the odd bottle of Prosecco in the post from time to time!) and I am extremely grateful for her friendship.”

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Wrendale family pride lion card

Miriam’s card

For Thinking of You Week I chose the ‘Family Pride’ card from our Zoology collection. I sent this card to my brother, his wife and their son (who just turned 1). They live in Germany and I hadn’t seen them in over three years due to the pandemic. Since I moved to the UK they have been a great support to me and I am looking forward to seeing them this Christmas.”

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Wrendale highland cow thank you card

Charlotte’s card

“For Thinking of You Week, I decided to send the card ‘Thank You So Moooch’ from our occasion cards collection.

I am sending this card to my partners’ parents, Ann and Steve, who generously let us (and all of our furniture!) live with them for six months whilst we were saving to buy a house. They were very supportive and fun to live with, there was never a dull moment with Ann around!

We are very grateful for all of their help and support over the last 18 months, we can never thank them enough.”

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Wrendale goldfinch thank you card

A message from us to you…

This year we are helping you take part in Thinking of You Week by adding a FREE 'The Thistle Finch' card to every UK retail order from the 16th to 25th September so you can let a special someone know you are thinking of them.

Simply write a thoughtful message to a family member or friend and send your card to make their day.


Thinking of You Week card selection

Browse our full selection of Wrendale thinking of you cards here.


We'd love to see how you have taken part in Thinking of You Week this year. Share your photos with us on social media and don't forget tag us @wrendaledesigns.

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