Trade shows - reflecting on our journey

This is a flash back photograph from May 2012 when Jack and I exhibited at our very first trade show in London. I had been visiting shops with my cards for several months by that point and already had some stockists, but trade shows are a way to reach lots of different buyers under one roof and it was really the 'official' launch of Wrendale Designs.

A photograph from our first ever trade show in London

I can remember making the bunting for the stand the night before and the plants we used were borrowed from Jack's brother who got married a few days before and had them at the reception. We loaded them all up in the back of the car and set off down to London. It was so exciting and nerve wracking. I can remember setting up the stand then taking a walk around the show - there were hundreds of card companies and I remember feeling quite despairing and wondering how we could ever stand out when there were so many beautiful designs on display.  

An image taken at one of our first ever trade shows

Looking at the stand now I actually can't believe it was as successful as it was, but the designs must have spoken for themselves because we had an amazing show and came away with lots of orders and leads. Some of the customers who came and ordered from us at that show are still stockists of our products today and it feels really special that they have come on our journey with us.

Photograph taken at Spring Fair 2024

Fast forward thirteen years and this is a picture of our most recent trade show stand at Spring Fair a few weeks ago.  I would never have believed this is where we would be thirteen years later if someone had shown me these pictures in May 2012. I am now lucky enough to have a fabulous and talented team to help me and they were responsible for designing and setting up the stand. The product range has grown immensely and each year, we showcase our new products at Spring Fair, introducing them to our existing stockists and meeting new ones along the way. 

Photograph taken at Spring Fair 2024

Lots has changed but lots has stayed the same. I still spend most of my time with a paintbrush in my hand creating artwork and we are still driven by the same desire to create beautiful products that make people smile, inspired by the natural world.

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