Paw-fect gifts for dog lovers

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who is absolutely crazy about dogs? Look no further! We all know someone who dotes on their furry companions and finding a gift that truly captures their love for dogs can be a challenge. That's why we are here to help! We have handpicked a selection of unique and thoughtful dog themed gifts that are sure to bring joy to a dog lover in your life. From delightful accessories to practical must-haves, we've got you covered...


'Blooming with Love' Spaniel Paint by Numbers

Blooming with love spaniel paint by numbers by Wrendale DesignsHave you seen our wonderful paint by number kits? Our 'Blooming with Love' design features a very loveable spaniel surrounded by beautiful tulips. It's the perfect gift that combines a love for dogs with the joy of creating art, and is sure to make a cherished and thoughtful gift for any dog enthusiast. Our paint by number kits come complete with a canvas artboard, guide poster, 18 acrylic paints and paintbrushes in two different sizes. 




Our dog accessories provide the perfect opportunity for any dog lover to showcase their love for dogs through their pet's attire. With a charming all-over pattern featuring various dog breeds on a stylish navy background, these accessories, including a bandana, dog treat bag, dog poop bag holder and dog walking bag, really show a sense of canine appreciation. 


'A Dog's Life' Set of 3 Notebooks


'A dog's life set of 3 notebooks by Wrendale Designs

Capture your thoughts and ideas with a dog inspired notebook set. Each notebook is made with high-quality paper, ensuring a delightful writing experience. Whether you use them for journaling, note-taking, or doodling, these notebooks are perfect for dog enthusiasts who appreciate the simple joy of putting pen to paper.


'A dog's life' JIGSAW puzzle

'A dog's life' puzzle by Wrendale Designs

Our 'A Dog's Life' jigsaw puzzle, features a variety of dog breeds and is sure to make anyone smile. The puzzle is jam packed with beautifully illustrated artwork and makes a fantastic gift that will provide hours of fun for any dog enthusiast. 


'Ralph' Labrador PLUSH TOY 

Ralph plush toy by Wrendale Designs

Meet Ralph, a lovable plush toy character that captures the spirit and playfulness of a Labrador, making him a delightful companion for children and dog lovers of all ages. Whether displayed as a collectible or a soft toy, Ralph brings a touch of joy and companionship to any setting. 


'Movie Night' Mug

Movie night mug by Wrendale Designs

Is there anything better than a cosy evening at home with the dog? Our 'Movie Night' mug is perfect for cuddling up on the sofa with your dog and enjoying a tea, coffee or even a hot chocolate (not forgetting the cream and marshmallows). This adorable mug features dogs lounging and watching TV, and is the ideal gift for any dog lover as it truly shows the joy that dogs bring to our lives. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or "just because", this mug is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face and warm their heart.


'A Dog's Life' Apron

'A dog's life' apron by Wrendale Designs

Not only does the 'A Dog's Life' apron feature delightful artwork celebrating a variety of different dog breeds, but it also serves as a functional kitchen accessory. Made from durable and machine-washable cotton, it protects the wearer's clothes from spills and splatters while they whip up delicious meals or indulge in a spot of baking. Whether it's for cooking, baking, or simply as a charming keepsake, this apron is bound to be a treasured and cherished gift for any dog lover.


Dog Treat Tin

The dog treat tin by Wrendale Designs is perfect for keeping treats fresh

Our gorgeous dog treat tin offers a practical and stylish solution for storing your dogs favourite treats, so that you don't have to worry about them losing their freshness or becoming stale. The tin features a variety of different dog breeds and is sure to look great in your kitchen or utility room. 


'Little Paws' Baby Blanket

'Little paws' dog blanket by Wrendale Designs

Looking for a perfect gift for a dog-loving friend who's expecting? The 'Little Paws' Dog Baby Blanket is an ideal choice. Crafted from soft and cosy materials, this blanket features lots of beautiful dog illustrations and provides warmth and comfort for babies. Wrap your little one in this adorable blanket and let them dream away.


dog inspired Socks

Dog themed socks by Wrendale Designs

We have a selection of designs in our sock collection for both men and women that are inspired by beloved dog breeds. Made with super soft bamboo, they are perfect for dog lovers who want to showcase their affection for dogs from head to toe. 

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